15 Things To Do as a New Student in Canada

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Moving to a new country as a student can be an exhilarating yet daunting experience. For many international students, Canada is a top destination due to its renowned educational institutions, diverse culture, and welcoming environment.

Asides from having the ArriveCAN, Visa, all docs, etc., this is a list of things to do as a new international student in Canada. If you’re embarking on your educational journey in Canada, here are 15 essential things to do to make the most of your time as a new student:

  1. Arrange Accommodation
  2. Obtain Your Study Permit
  3. Obtain Your Social Insurance
  4. Attend Your Orientation Events
  5. Submit Copies of Your Study Permit/Docs
  6. Get Your Student ID Card
  7. Register for Classes
  8. Update Your Address
  9. Sort Out Your Health Insurance or Health Card
  10. Bank Account
  11. Get a Phone (Number)
  12. Get a Driver’s Licence
  13. Get a Provincial ID Card
  14. Prepare for Winter
  15. Adhere to Health Protocols, Put in the Work, and Have Fun

1. Arrange Accommodation:
Given the current housing situation, you may need to start looking for a house before arrival and have places you are finalizing. If you know people in the city you are heading to, they could also be of help. To search for houses, you can use Kijiji, Facebook Market, rent faster, rent board, 4rent, rent seeker, or realtors website.

2. Obtain Your Study Permit:
What most (if not all) foreign students have from their country is a temporary resident visa. A study permit is issued upon arrival. So, put your documents in your hand luggage to avoid unnecessary delay.

3. Obtain Your Social Insurance:
If the condition of your study permit allows you to work in Canada, you need to get your Social Insurance Number (S.I.N). You may be able to get one at the airport upon arrival.

4. Attend Your Orientation Events:
This is very important! Here you get to know more about your university, program, things to do or not do, and network with people.

5. Submit Copies of Your Study Permit/Docs:
Some universities require you to submit your documents upon arrival. Find out if this applies to you and do as required.

6. Get Your Student ID Card:
With your student ID comes a lot of other benefits. Some of these are free bus pass, access to libraries, access to recreational facilities, or university events.

7. Register for Classes:
One of the perks of attending orientation is that you get to know the classes to register for. Some classes have limited spaces that are filled quickly, make sure you register ASAP.

8. Update Your Address:
Once you have a Canadian address, don’t forget to update your address and other information on your university/student account.

9. Sort Out Your Health Insurance or Health Card:
International students mostly have health/dental insurance provided by their student union and representatives. You can confirm this from your international student office.

10. Bank Account:
Popular Canadian Banks are RBC, Scotia, BMO, CIBC and TD. On this, I will advise you to find which one offers the best incentive to you as a student.

11. Get a Phone (Number):
There are many phone service providers in Canada. Find out the one offering you the best incentive as a student.

12. Get a Driver’s Licence:
Driving is an essential activity in Canada. If you want to buy a car/drive in Canada, you should find out the licensing procedure and get on it as soon as possible.

13. Get a Provincial ID Card:
Many places in Canada would require you to provide two pieces of Government-issued photo ID to access certain resources. As an international student, the Provincial ID comes in handy for this purpose.

14. Prepare for Winter:
Depending on when you arrive in Canada, the weather may be extremely cold or not. Make sure you buy your winter jacket, hand gloves, boots, etc as soon as you can.

15. Adhere to Health Protocols, Put in the Work, and Have Fun:
Don’t break rules out here, that could have far-reaching consequences. Also, all work & no play………. Put in the work & enjoy reasonably. One key to success as a student is work-life balance.

I wish you the best in Canada!

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